Business Model

Planet uses the Business Model Canvas as strategic tool to help companies redefining their business strategy

The Business Model Canvas is a visual thinking tool that helps companies in creating and developing new business models. It allows to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot new business ideas for tomorrow's companies.

Planet can help innovation in business because the Business Model Canvas :

  • Represents efficiently all dynamics and interactions existing in a Business Model

  • Utilizes a visual language simplifying complexity inside and outside the companies

  • Stimulates the creation of new solutions and ideas "solution oriented"

  • Helps in turning ideas into concrete solutions

  • Allows to effectively benchmark structure and processes of a company

  • Stimulates the teamwork through sharing and involving each member

  • Helps in reducing conflicts inside working groups

  • Involves and activates different kinds of expertise and competences

  • Can create a strong a durable competitive advantage in the market

  • Is continuously in evolution and can be easily integrated into other strategic tools.

The Business Model Canvas It is a tool, created by Alexander Osterwalder, that allows creation, distribution and gain of added value.
It is made up by nine elements of a company:

  • Customers Segment

  • Value Proposition

  • Channels

  • Customer Relationships

  • Revenue Streams

  • Key Resources

  • Key Activities

  • Key Partnership

  • Cost Structure