Planet uses the Biomimicry as a tool for educating to sustainability

Looking at Nature not only to innovate our design, but also to learn more about sustainability, to re-connect with the natural world and to build up and ethical framework in harmony with the ecosystems we are part of.

In the educational sector Planet can provide the following services:

  • Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

    For Universities, High Schools and other educational institutions and private sector on Biomimicry and Sustainability.

  • Courses

    Tailor-made courses on Biomimicry Thinking approach for specific students and professionals

  • Courses

    Lectures, for Universities, High Schools and other educational institutions

  • Technical Assistance

    For formulation of University/School Curricula and Educational policies embedding Education for Sustainable Development and Biomimicry

  • Educational material

    Development of educational material on Biomimicry

When introducing it in educational curricula, ESD should demonstrate the following features:

  • Interdisciplinary and holistic

    Learning for sustainable development should be embedded in the whole curriculum, not as a separate subject

  • Values-driven

    Shared values and principles underpinning sustainable development are made explicit so that that can be examined, debated, tested and applied

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

    Leading to confidence in addressing the dilemmas and challenges of sustainable development

  • Multi-method

    Using different pedagogies and experiences which model the processes

  • Participatory decision-making

    Students participate in decisions on how they are to learn

  • Applicability

    The learning experiences offered are integrated in day to day personal and professional life

  • Locally relevant

    Addressing local as well as global issues, and using the language(s) which students most commonly use.