Product and Process Innovation

Planet utilizes the Biomimicry Thinking approach to innovate products and processes

The Biomimicry Thinking approach, as a problem solving tool, can be virtually applied to the whole spectrum of human activities. To find out example of bio-inspired products and the inspiring organisms/ecosystems, you can consult asknature.orgIn particular Nature’s ability to inspire more efficient solutions can inspire innovative, lower-cost and environmental friendly processes and products for companies to market as well as more efficient management practices.

Planet can assist companies through:

  • Seminars and Workshops

    to introduce to Biomimicry and Biomimicry Thinking approach

  • Courses

    Tailor-made courses on Biomimicry Thinking approach to design for specific professionals and corporate

  • Brainstorming

    on developing innovative products and processes through a Biomimicry Thinking approach

  • Teams set up and coordination

    Assembling and Coordinating multi-disciplinary R&D teams to develop bio-inspired products and ecological standards in company´s management and processes

  • Networking

    Facilitating Networking with actors in biomimicry oriented research and bio-inspired products development

Applying the Biomimicry Thinking approach allows developing products and processes that:

  • Are Innovative and can define New Product Categories and industries

    Biomimicry can help seeing product categories in a different perspective. This creates an opportunity for innovation. It can also help creating disruptive technologies to transform or help building new industries.

  • Are more Sustainable

    Nature creates conditions conducive to life. It is sustainable in itself. Following natural design principles (we call them the Life's Principles) allows to design more sustainable technology.

  • Perform Better

    What we see nowadays in Nature it is the result of 3.8 billion years of R&D through a trail and errors process to optimize and adapt to local conditions.

  • Save Energy

    life tends to organize extremely energy efficient designs and systems, optimizing energy use at every turn. Emulating these efficiency strategies can reduce the use of energy.

  • Reduce Material Cost

    Nature fits form to functio. By studying the shapes of nature’s strategies and how they are built, biomimicry can help you minimize the amount spent on materials while maximizing the effectiveness of products.

  • Reduce, Eliminate Waste

    By mimicking how nature manages flows of materials and nutrients within a habitat, a company can set up its various units and systems to optimally use resources and eliminate unnecessary redundancies. This approach is also known as "cradle to cradle".