Planet Team

Alessandro Villa

Co-founder and CEO
Certified Biomimicry Specialist

Alessandro is Business Modelling
and Product Innovation advisor

He is Head of Business Development Sector in Italian Gasket, a company specialized in the development and manufacture of technical rubber items. Previously, he has been Secretary General of Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, taking care of different internalization projects mainy in the area of automotive and renewable energy.

Alessandro Bianciardi

Co-founder of Planet
Certified Biomimicry Professional

Alessandro is Education
and Product Innovation advisor

He is main responsible for the scientific coordination, activities identification and coordination of team of experts in applying the Biomimicry Thinking framework for the Innovation and Education pillars. Lecturer, workshop developer and facilitator.

He is an Environmental Engineer with 17 years of experience in formulation, coordination and implementation of environmental, energy and development projects acquired working for the European Commission, the UNDP, consulting companies and NGOs.

Lorenzo Galante

Partner of Planet

Lorenzo is Experience Officer

He is responsible for the strategy behind and user interface design of the organization's products and services, and oversee marketing communications, community relations, internal relations, HR relations, investor relations between the organization and its various audiences.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of User Experience, and has collaborated with many companies and organizations belonging to different sectors

Laura Bettini


Laura is Project Manager and Foundraiser

She is responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives in Planet and is accountable for ensuring that the all team members know and execute her /his role. She is also responsible for the participation of Planet in Eu, national and local programs in order to found raise for its activity.

She has 8 years of experience in Project Management and has been involved in different projects at EU, national and regional level. Now she is also Technical Assistant for Province of Brescia which is partner in an Interreg IVC Project.

Chiara Alduini


Chiara is Information Designer

She is responsible for managing and balancing all the information regarding Planet in order to make them usable for all actors involved during the different processes.

She has 12 years of experience in visual design (corporate identity, branding, web design, illustration, product design and information design). As freelance, she collaborates with different communication studios and agencies for projects regarding infographic design, web design, and print design.




Planet is part of the international network linked to the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute. Planet can count on a world-wide network of professionals in different disciplines (biology, engineering, design, economy, business management, architecture, chemistry and more) and experienced in the Biomimicry Thinking framework.